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what can i do for you?

Hello, I'm Suzie. I help my clients to get their message across in naturally flowing English.

Words matter. They are our means to persuade, to communicate, to move others to action.


You've chosen your words carefully to represent your brandYou've crafted them into a message that has a purpose, engages your audience and attracts the right people to your product, service or mission.

So don't take any chances when you get your French content translated into English.

Choose a creative translator who will handle your message with care and help you recreate it for a new audienceA skilled wordsmith who will get under the skin of your brand and become its authentic English voice. A passionate linguist who will create English content to engage with the people who care about the same things as you.

Translation is "more than words". I translate messages, intentions and tones of voice. I tell the story you want to tell, in your way, in English.

Your message is in safe hands with me, so get in touch!




I take your source text in French and recreate it in English – with the emphasis on create. I'll adopt your style, register and tone of voice and I'll use your preferred terminology. I'll make it sound so natural that the reader won't even know it's a translation


I take a French text that's been translated into English and check the translation carefully against the original. I'll look at accuracy, style, register, tone of voice and message, making corrections where required and suggestions for improvement.


I take an English text and check it for spelling, grammar, punctuation and stylistic issues. You can be sure that the text you receive will be flawless and flow naturally. This might be a text written in or translated into English by a native or non-native English speaker

US>UK adaptation

I take a text written in US English and adapt it to the UK audience, both linguistically (in terms of spelling and punctuation) and culturally, to ensure that your message is understood by us Brits!


I create appealing copy and content in English that adheres to your marketing recommendations, brand tone of voice, keyword requirements and house style. 

specialisT SUBJECTs

I specialise in creative, marketing-related content that is generally published online, such as websites, blog articles, social media posts, brochures and press releasesI also translate company internal communications, presentations and e-learning course materials.


I am naturally curious and a keen information hunter, quick to grasp new concepts and subject areas, and this enables me to take on a wide variety of topics. 

I don't translate legal, medical or scientific texts, nor do I translate official documents or certificates.

I don't translate the spoken word at live events (on line or in person) – you'll need an interpreter for that! But I can do audio-to-text translations, if you have a video or audio file that you need in text format.

If you're not sure whether I can help you or not, get in touch anyway – if I can't help, I might be able to recommend someone who can, from my wide network of translation colleagues.


I work with clients in many different sectors, including:

  • Travel and tourism

  • B Corps

  • Financial companies

  • Small to medium-sized businesses of all different kinds

  • Global online brands

  • Educational providers

  • Digital marketing agencies


As well as my passion for languages, which I get to use every day in my work, I have many personal interests and nothing delights me more than working with a text that relates to the subjects I'm passionate about, such as:

  • Nature and wildlife photography

  • The environment and sustainability

  • Health, fitness and nutrition

  • Singing and music

  • Art and culture

  • Food and fine dining

  • Travel

  • Films (particularly independent films)

  • Board games

  • Comedy

  • Literature


Before becoming a translator, I had a long career in IT, primarily in financial services. This means that I have expert knowledge of:

  • Computer programming

  • Systems analysis and design

  • Investment products (pensions, life assurance)

  • General insurance (motor, home, travel)

  • Business Analysis

  • Project Management


I treat every task as a bespoke project to meet my clients' precise needs.


The price depends on the volume of text, any additional formatting required, how specialised the language is and the purpose of the text. Ultimately, it depends on the time I need to create the text that will meet your requirements.

If I work with you regularly, I will be able to build up a glossary and translation memory to make your translations more cost effective and always consistent.

If you need translations on a regular basis, we can arrange a monthly plan so that you can secure my ongoing services.

Get in touch and let's discuss how I can help you.


about me

Authentically English, reliably accurate

I've always had a passion and talent for languages, ever since I picked up my first French book in secondary school.

I won the school prize in my last year of secondary school, and went on to obtain a First Class degree in French from King's College London.

I lived and worked for a year in France and another year in Belgium, immersing myself in the language and culture of both countries. These experiences fuelled my drive to keep learning.

For a while, my language skills went on the backburner as I focused on my career in IT in the world of financial services. But something was calling me back to languages. I never forgot the joy of working with words.


After gaining my Diploma in Translation, I made my dream a reality.



King's College London – BA(Hons) French with Applied Computing – 1995

First Class Honours

UK Chartered Institute of Linguists – Diploma in Translation – 2007

Papers: General, Literature, Social Sciences

Member of the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) – MCIL

Associate Member of the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) – AITI



"Suzie is a very professional proofreader, responsive and maintains fluent communication at all times via mail. Ready to answer any query and highly reliable. I would recommend her 100 %. It has been a pleasure to have her on board."

"Suzie is a meticulous linguist with an eye for detail. She is passionate about her work and is able to bring that out in her translations. Always willing to learn, and always a pleasure to work with."

"Suzie translated several texts from French to English : part of our Spain Country Profile (a document which summarises important aspects of prisons in a given country), a testimonial about coronavirus in French prisons, and a series of captions for a photographic project. All texts were well translated and delivered in due time."


Contact Me

Tel: +44 (0) 7976 572 550

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Thanks for getting in touch!

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